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To Bee or Not To Bee? Where have all the Bees gone?

Bees are a big part of the success of our farm, or any farm for that matter. Bees naturally pollinate flowers, fruit trees and so much more.

However, the recent decline in the Bee population should have us all worried.

So, what is the cause? Perhaps the biggest reason is the use of insecticides. Insecticides are used to protect crops from invasive insects, but also kill many other insects, including these hard working honeybees. Another possible factor is genetically modified crops that may generate pollen with little nutritional value for the bees.

lavender gets pollinated by bees at EVLFAt The EVLF, we don’t use harmful pesticides and our nutrients are all organic. Hence our products support the Bee population instead of harming them. Don’t Bee surprised to see, and hear, thousands of them busily going from flower to flower supporting our efforts. But don’t Bee alarmed, we have only had 2 stings in 3 years, as they, are usually so drunk on the nectar that they don’t even notice you buzzing around the fields.

Bee Happy and of Good Cheer.

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Welcome Spring 2017

Greetings lovers of Lavender. We can’t wait to open up again and see you here at the Farm.

The Holidays were great and the Bazaars we attended were fantastic. We saw many old friends and made lots of new ones. Each year, we will plan to attend the Tumwater Holiday Bazaar, hosted at Pellegrino’s Event Center on Littlerock Road. Additionally, we’ve been invited back to the Olympia High School Bearzaar. Please make sure you have “liked” and are “Following” our Facebook page, for updates and schedules.

We also opened the Gift Shoppe for Christmas shoppers and just before Valentines. Our next event will be our PLANT SALE. Yes, we will have lots of daughter plants from our mature plants, lavender plant for sale, fresh lavender, grosso plants, english lavenderin several varieties. Again, keep an eye out for emails from us and Facebook notices.

Our culinary Lavender is now being used at Miss Moffet’s Mystical Cupcakes. They make them on Saturday. Additionally, Krista’s Baking Company, in Seattle, continues to use our Royal Velvet Culinary buds in her premade cookie mixes that ship all over the USA.

Lastly, we would like to announce our Grand Re-Opening Dates and Hours for 2017: 

Opening Day – Thursday June 15th from 10am -4 pm

Public Hours – Thursday – Sunday from 10am – 4pm

After Hours for Professional Photographers – Monday – Thursday from 4pm – 8pm

Last Day of the Season – Sunday August 6th. 

Peggy and I look forward to getting back into the fields and spending time with you and your families. And…..there will be a new addition to the farm…Custom Metal Yard Art made by ThanesWorld of Interesting Things. You can preview some of my “work” at my Facebook Fan Page. Please “like & follow” that one too and let me know if there is something special you would like me to make.

Until we see you again, be well and of good cheer.

Thane & Peggy

Fall Plant Sale.. EXTENDED to Sunday Oct 23rd

Dear Friends of Lavender,

We know many of you missed the opportunity to visit the Farm last weekend because of the “Mega Storm”.  We have plenty of plants left for you to choose from and are extending the sale to this Sunday (only) from 10-4pm.  There are plenty of new things in the Gift Shoppe, as well, for your early-holiday shopping pleasure.  As a special bonus, if you come in Seahawks apparel, you will receive a free gift!

Thane & Peggy


End of the season coming soon – August 6th.

Our season has come and is going so fast already. The plants got an early start again this year, so the harvest has already begun. That doesn’t mean there is no color to see in the fields….there’s just less of it. Therefore, our last day for the field will be Saturday August 6th. Our Gift Shoppe will remain open (by appointment only) year-round. Feel free to contact Peggy at 360-754-2002 to schedule.

We have had a very successful season so far. We have met so many new friends that have come from across the road to across the globe to visit us. Next year, we intend to have a world map and some push pins, so we can record where folks have come from. We have had many from China, Russia, the Ukraine, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Mexico, South America and many more places I can’t recall. Thank you for finding our little slice of purple Heaven. We love sharing it with you all!
To bring you up to date, many of our Facebook followers and visitors have learned that we lost over 100 plants, due to the torrential rains this Spring. Lavenders do not like for their “feet” to stay wet. Their roots rotted, so we had to pull and burn nearly 16% of our 8 year old plants. We bought 144 new plants with the intention of having them for sale to the public, but ended up using about 50 to replace ours. The rest sold in just a few weeks. Fret not….for we have ordered several dozen more for next season for you all to acquire. Our new favorite is called Sachet (L. Angustifolia)

The Gift Shoppe is now stocked up with lots of fresh products. including: Grosso Essential Oils, new Kewl Breeze Spritzers (many scents), Bug Spray, a carry-on size Disinfectant Spray, Creamy Soaps and so much more. For the Jam and Honey lovers, we will soon have Otis Beach Organics’ Blackberry/Lavender Jam available (in small quantities) and, hopefully, the bees from Yellow Belly Honey will produce more this year. The honey comes later in the year, so please be sure to request some by sending an email to or by calling 360.754.2002.

Lastly, we love that so many photographers have learned about our farm and have come out to take pictures of families, new Mom’s, engaged couples and the scenery. If you would to share some our your pics, we would love for you to share them on our Facebook page or Pinterest Board. Thx!



Our New Website!

My daughter is fantastic.  She is all of the best parts of me.  …and I love her.

Spring is in the Air and Our Plants are Waking Up! Opening Day is June 18th

Well, it’s been a loooong Winter and we are now seeing new life showing up in our plants. I can’t tell you how relieved we are when they go from brown to green at the 1st sign of light and warm days. Phew!

The 1st ones to show up are usually Tucker’s Early, Melissa (White) and Betty’s Blue.

They areMelissa all true English Lavenders (Lavandula Angustifolia) and are generally a compact plant. We look forward to the Folgate and Impress Purple to come in shortly thereafter. Finally, our Lavandins, like Grosso, will bring up the rear. They are our favorite for distilling Essential Oils, as they are the most aromatic.

We can’t wait to open the Farm back up to the public. Opening day will be June 18th and we plan to be open Thursday – Sunday from 11-4pm until late August. The Gift Shoppe will have a great supply of Lavender-based, soothing products for your home, car and pets.

BIG NEWS– We have our own Honey Bees! We partnered with the folks at Yellow Belly Honey, out of Rainier, and we are hosting 2 colonies of Italian Honey Bees. They will join lavender gets pollinated by bees at EVLFforces with all the other visiting Bees and we hope to have some delicious Lavender-infused Honey by the end of the year. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates.

Until we see you at the Farm, be well and of good cheer.

Culinary Lavender Featured at the 2014 Capital Food & Wine Festival

We are so happy to announce that the Sous Chef at the Red Wind Cas2014 Food & Wine Festivalino LOVES our Lavender and plans to use more of it in his creations. If you were at the 2014 Capital Food & Wine Festival at St. Martins, you would have been able to try a sample of his Lavender and Lemon Cheesecake.

This all started when a marketing friend of mine introduced us to one of the head chefs for the Red Wind Casino/Blue Camas Buffet and the Squalli-Absch Grill. Earlier that week, we had sent over a sample of our dried “True English” Lavender buds. They were attempting to create a gluten-free cheesecake made with Lemon and Lavender.

Once he perfected the taste, he asked to have a face-to-face with my wife and me. We were both excited and nervous at the same time. We arrived at the Casino and were escorted to a conference room by my marketing friend. Once inside, a large figure approached us and stood before us. His 1st words were…. Your Lavender……hands down the best I’ve experienced in years!”.

Once we caught our breath again, we were elated and relaxed a bit. He went on to say that the Lavender/Lemon Cheesecake was favored greatly over the traditional Lemon cheesecake. He and his staff were going to prepare 700 mini-cheesecakes to the 2014 Capital Food & Wine Festival. We were also very flattered that they wanted to feature our Lavender at the event. Woot!

The chef then asked if we produced Essential Oils from our culinary plants and we assured him that we do. We steam-distill our own organic Angustifolia (English) and Lavindins (Hybrids) on site. We brought samples of the Angustifolia variety for him to try in other recipes. He was most excited to know that he could source local Lavender from a farm less that 5 miles away.

We couldn’t be more proud of how our plants and The Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm are being accepted by our community.

If you would like to add your recipes on our blog, we would be happy to test and share them.

‘Tis the Season for Craft Bazaars and More

We have had the opportunity to join in a couple of great craft bazaars this season. The 1st was the Tumwater Holiday Bazaar held at Pellegrino’s Event Center in Tumwater, Washington. We had about 33 vendors displaying and selling all handcrafted items (only).  This event excluded national sellers and we were pleased to be invited.

Peggy Bazaar

The next event, the following weekend, was called the Olympia Beazaar. It’s an annual event held at the Olympia High School. There were over 160 vendors there! Phew!!! We were invited for our 2nd year. We thought the traffic was lighter than the year before, but by the time we tallied up the receipts, we did 40% better than the year before. Woot!

Our biggest sellers were our custom neck wraps and Essential Oils. Folks also bought lots of sachets and stocking stuffers for friends, family members and coworkers. We even heard of neckwrapssome new uses for our Essential Oils. One Mom explained that she places it on her daughter’s upper lip to calm her hyper moods. Also, with Autism, her daughter often appears depressed. Again, she introduces some EO on her upper lip and her mood seems to improve. She calls EO her “balancing therapy”. We thought that was a great story and wanted to share it with you. We won’t suggest that your results would be the same, but it might be worth a try.

Mud Bay candlesWe want to thank Jason Brown, of Mud Bay Candles, for creating wonderful smelling Coconut wax candles using our essential oils. They were a huge hit! We even had a drawing for a 1 pound candle with a sachet and it was won by a local lady who visited our booth. She said she “never wins anything”. Well, now she can’t say that anymore and her candle will burn for days.

Lastly, our Gift Shoppe will be open the 1st 3 weekends in December, Sat & Sun from 11-4. Please feel free to come out and shop for your loved ones.

From our family to yours, have a Wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Our Season Ended and Now On to Christmas. Whaaaaat? Only 4 Months….

So, the fields are now closed and the harvesting in full swing. But don’t dismay….the Gift Shoppe is still open (by appointment) and stocked up nicely with Essential Oils, Sachets, crafting buds and fresh Culinary Lavender buds for your basket

If you are interested in coming out to the farm and purchasing some goodies for your friends and family, just give us a call and we will make an appointment for you. We will also announce which weekends and/or days we will be open around the holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

Also, if you have been out to the farm and would like to share any pictures or thoughts, we would love to have them. Thanks for a great season and we look forward to your next visit.

Thane & Peggy

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